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The Institute has double-storey, well-furnished, Wi-Fi connected and centrally air-conditioned Central Computer Centre which provides facilities to meet the requirements of various labs for B.Tech. Programme. The centre has about 500 computer systems of latest configuration. Most of these are P-4, Dual Core and Core 2 Duo computer systems from various multinational companies like H.P., I.B.M., Compaq, Dell, Wipro etc. The centre is networked in client server environment with the help of latest servers. It has OFC as its backbone cable and various blocks of the institute are inter-connected.

The campus is Wi-Fi connected. All the departments are also inter-networked with the centre. In the centre, there are different labs of Windows-NT, Windows-2000, Linux and Oracle. The
centre is well-equipped with licensed software as per course requirements. It has all the basic peripherals comprising of Scanners, Printers, C.D./DVD writers etc. Furthermore, it has 24X7 hours connectivity of Internet through leased line having the capacity of 25 MBPS provided by Reliance. The centre remains open from 9 in the Morning to 11 in the Night to facilitate the students.

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