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Central Library

We believe the library is the most important part of any academic institute and is the only greatest asset of the students. The utmost care has been taken in order to enrich the library with most qualitative literature orderable in the sea of literature. Special consent and evolution of each and every single book is taken from the concerned faculty member & sometimes also from students before recommending the book, as we fully concentrate on the quality of literature entering in our library. Because one can produce an excellent & qualitative product, if he has a quality input.

         MIMIT has 10500 sq.ft. double storied well stocked fully automated library. This library is the first library in Punjab State that is interlinked with DELNET (Developing Library Network). It has established a digital library which includes e-journals, e-books, e-reference sources, databases of theses and dissertations, subject gateway and MIMIT digital resources etc. User can access MIMIT Central Library at LAN level at http://mimitlibrary/eg3opac/default.aspx and at WAN level at http://mimitlibrary.org

Central Computer Centre

Computer Labs are constant heaps of activity throughout the year. The institute has fully Wi-Fi with 6mbps leased line form Reliance Communication. Students and faculty have convenient access to information from all over the world. There are four centrally air conditioned computer labs, which house up to 400 computers nodes each along with related peripherals, internet connectivity etc.


For the benefits of our students and faculty, we have interlinked our library with DELNET (Developing Library Network, New Delhi). The DELNET facility is also accessible to students from computer labs as the password is provided to them. Library is also in the process of inter-linking with other on-line libraries. All the offices and the faculty has the facility of telephone & internet connection.

Other Important Labs
RDBMS Lab. Microprocessor Lab.
Research Lab. Electronics Lab.
Internet Lab. Physics Lab.
Multimedia Lab. Electrical Lab.
Chemistry Lab. EGD Hall
Mech.   Engg.   Lab. Control & Instrumentation Lab.
Fluid Mechanics Lab. Data Communication Lab.
Digital Electronics Lab.
Faculty Residences

MIMIT has housing facilities for the Principal, Officers, Professors, Assistant Professors, Lectures, Ministerial Staff and supporting Staff within the institute Campus itself. Besides the houses, MIMIT also has a Market, Departmental Store, Gymnasium and a Guest house within the campus.


The Institute has one 32 seated bus and one 52 seated bus, two jeeps & an ambulance for the convenience of the staff and students. Ambulance is available for 24 hours for medical purpose besides bus and jeeps cater the need of official and industrial visits.

Guest House
The Institute has fully Air-conditioned Guest House the service of which is provided to accommodate various guests at nominal prices.
Water  &  Electricity Supply

The Institute has treated water supply and power generators of capacity 250 KW have been installed to ensure sufficient power supply during working hours. The labs and systems have been protected by latest fire fighting systems.

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